It's no secret, today's car buyers are online!  Dealerships must develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to drive in-market low funnel shoppers to their website. The truth is not all website traffic is created equal.  Our TRAFFIC Solutions are designed to find and engage with today's car buyers using popular mediums like Google, Facebook,  & Instagram.



Every dealership has inventory issues on their lot. From old aged vehicles to vehicles not receiving enough attention online, LOTLINX can help! Using our TURN platform we can create custom VIN-Specific marketing campaigns that find shoppers in your market who are actively looking for the vehicles you want to sell the most. 


social accel

Want to accelerate your social media marketing to the next level? You can sell cars on Facebook and Instagram! SOCIAL ACCEL is Powerful, High-Converting VIN Specific Lead Generation Program that makes it easy for any dealership to generate leads and sell cars using Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger from today's mobile car buyers. 



PRECISIONmobile is a fully-integrated, mobile marketing platform designed to target car buyers where they Live, Work, Shop, and Play! Using GPS technology, you can now deliver highly-relevant ads directly to the consumer based on their exact physical location.