Attract more buyers with ads built in their preferences.



Just like an effective salesperson tailors their pitch to each customer, uses patented behavioral analysis to tailor the message in every ad based on the features, styles, and buying factors that matter most to each customer.


When your customers research and browse vehicles on the internet, is able to analyze every detail in order to build a unique ad that speaks directly to their preferences. Our customer-centric approach to online advertising goes beyond simply displaying inventory. Your customers literally create the ads that will effect them most, all by themselves.

reaching for higher revenue

By better understanding each visitor, monetization is no longer tied to page views or retargeting visitors that viewed dealership inventory. is able to create highly relevant ads for dealers even though the potential customer never viewed their inventory. This allows dealers to effectively extend their reach while allowing you to increase the revenue per visitor. These tailored ads are so effective they typically surpass CTR of traditional retargeting campaigns.

We also participate in several ad exchanges so you will continue to leverage your visitors after they leave your site, boosting ad revenue even further.



How smart retargeting works:

  1. We use every page view to learn about each unique visitor that visits your website. 

  2. We create each ad layout dynamically, based on what individual customers respond to. Customers create the look and feel of each ad without realizing it.

  3. Instead of barraging customers with products they've already seen, we consider each customer and product individually. For each customer, we'll build an ad out of the specific item in your inventory that best matches his or her needs.

  4. We create each ad with personalized messages. We have no databases of pre-written sales pitches, so our ads respect the individuality of each customer.

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