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Reach serious car buyers where they shop, live, work, and play.

PRECISIONmobile is a fully-integrated, mobile marketing platform designed to engage with consumers in a manner consistent with their lifestyle. You can now effectively advertise your targeted message to car buyers exactly where they shop, live, work, and play using the most popular mobile apps in the networks.



  1. We utilize the GPS on your customer's phone to instantly deliver a highly-relevant message based on their physical location.
  2. This method can drive buyers to your website and your dealership sales team.
  3. We help you develop strategic campaigns, whether you want to target your competitors' customers with a competitive offer, introduce your product near a like-minded business, reward consumers with timely coupons/discounts, or even announce events happening within your area.
  4. Ads delivered through PRECISIONmobile yield higher conversions and better ROI than traditional or typical digital marketing strategies.