Mobile Apps and GPS Make a Winning Combination

Today’s World Has Gone Mobile
It’s no secret, the world has gone mobile. Today, nearly two-thirds of all Americans are now smart phone owners, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world. Mobile apps are a great way for consumers to engage online giving them a better mobile internet experience. Think about the last time you checked Facebook on your phone.  Did you go to the Google browser or did you use the Facebook app you were able to download for free?
Mobile Addiction Is On The Rise
According to the Mobile App Engagement Index almost 87% of all consumer mobile internet usage today is being done through mobile apps. A recent USA Today report says average person uses mobile apps 16x per day. While an estimated 280 million people are considered “mobile addicts” using mobile apps more than 60x per day. Nielsen says the time users spend on mobile apps has skyrocketed to about 30 hours per month while using an estimated 27 different apps. What makes this attractive to advertisers is that most mobile apps allow businesses to advertise banner ads getting their custom message in front of this growing audience.
Mobile Apps Are Today’s Newspaper
For years the newspaper was the most popular resource for people to get both local and national information about News, Sports, Weather, Financial, and Lifestyle Interests. With such huge readership advertising in the local newspaper became both attractive and effective to many local and national companies. Over the past decade newspaper readership has seen a rapid decline as people have moved away from traditional newspaper and started getting their information online. Now, with the rise in mobile usage more people are engaging with mobile apps like Accuweather, FoxNews, CNN, ESPN, WebMD, etc. to consume this same information. It’s more important than ever to look at mobile apps as a viable marketing solution to reach potential customers.
Developing An Effective Mobile App Strategy
For years big companies like Southwest Airlines, Qdoba, etc. have used mobile apps to conquest potential customers. The challenge for most retail businesses is being able to effectively target consumers who are in the market to buy their products. With the rise in GPS and WiFi capabilities, dealerships can now effectively target serious car buyers where they Shop, Live, Work, and Play! While most dealership ad dollars are being spent during the consideration and stimulus stages, PRECISIONmobile now helps dealerships reach and influence customers when they are in their Final Buying Moment!
Eric Schmidt, former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google was recently quoted saying “If you don’t have a mobile strategy you don’t have a future strategy!” What is your current mobile strategy? Have you looked at mobile apps as an opportunity? The challenge for most local businesses is how to effectively reach customers who are always on the go. The audience has moved. Have you moved your dealerships marketing strategy to effectively reach them?